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imCMS Content Management System
free, secure & open!

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imCMS is a professional level, open source role based, Content Management System. It can be used to create and manage complex websites, intranets and/or portals.
imCMS can also be used as a platform for other type of web based applications. The system can easily share its data with, and
import data from, other systems, and can be controlled through the built in API. imCMS main features are:
  • Create and manage data (text, images etc) and meta-data on a web page
  • Manage files with linked meta-data
  • Built in WYSIWYG editor with a user interface similar to well known office applications (HTMLArea)
  • User database, role based access and permission control
  • Templates and parser to link HTML templates to data
  • Search engine (Lucene from the Jakarta project)
  • API (Java)
  • User authentication through LDAP
  • System administrations tool to configure the system, check links, get an overview over the site etc.
With the aid of the built in WYSIWYG editor it is very simple to edit pages in a browser. imCMS can respond to Web Accessibility Initiative
(WAI/W3C) standards and can fulfil any HTML standard (Like HTML 4.0). The system is based on Java,technology and works with a database like MySQL, MSSQL. Also other databases can be used, but are unsupported.

imCMS runs in full open source environment (eg Linux, Apache, Tomcat, MySQL) as well as on proprietary components (e.g. Windows 2000, IIS, MSSQL)

imCMS is developed by imCode Partner AB in Sweden, has to a great extent been financed by the County Council of Stockholm and is used by
authorities, organisations and companies in Sweden.

If you would like to use imCMS, download it from here or use www.sourceforge.net/projects/imcms/.

If you would like to purchase support or other services - please contact us through this form.
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